Smile Team Private Dental Practice

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The Smile Team’s private cosmetic dental practice has been established over 30 years and has frequently been at the forefront of the dental health revolution.


Featured on television introducing CADCAM computer designed CEREC same day crowns and has received awards for service to patients.


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The Smile Team has two very experienced dental surgeons, a dental hygienist along with a practice manager and four support staff. We welcome new patients, particularly those referred to us by people happy with the service we provide.

Enhancing Lives with Beautiful Smiles!” 


Cfast Invisible Orthodontic Braces

Cfast Invisible Orthodontic Braces


We have been amazed at the fantastic results of the New Cfast Invisible brace system. Teeth that have been crooked for years have begun to straighten within weeks!


Clear Orthodontic Braces and Aligners










Add this to Invisible Braces and you really do have a great way to straighten those teeth you’ve always wanted treated but didn’t want to spend forever doing it.

 Read more on our Cfast page!

Contact Smile Team reception on 01202 871053 to book a free consultation and find out how this amazing treatment could help you!


Enhancing Lives with Beautiful Healthy Smiles!

Smile Makeovers

After gaps are corrected

It is known we use several visual references to determine peoples social standing and relative age. Their smile and in particular their teeth give instant visual clues to this process. Psychologists tell us that worn, stained, chipped or broken front teeth instantly categorises those people as older.

By reversing inherited or acquired lifetime damage to your smile  you can reduce your apparent age by several years!


We are conveniently located in West Moors, Dorset,  just off the A31, close to Ferndown and Bournemouth.

Hygienist Gum Care

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As part of your regular care you should see the Hygiene Therapist periodically to help maintain the health of yours gums.

Each of us as an individual will need a different frequency of visit. We all build up stain and hard tartar under and around the gum to a lesser or greater degree.

This tartar can trap bacteria under the gum line causing damage to our gums and bone and this can lead to tooth loss from periodontal disease.

You might need to visit the Hygiene Therapist only once or twice a year or if needed 3 to 4 times a year depending on how healthy your gums are.

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Dental Examinations

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Regular Dental Examinations or Dental Check ups are important to maintain your dental health.

This means that simple problems can either be monitored or treated early on in order prevent more complicated and potentially costly treatment.

If you are a regular patient with us you will be aware of how careful and thorough our Dental examinations are.


If you would like to book an appointment please call reception on 01202 871053

We look forward to seeing you for your next Dental Examination! We are conveniently located in West Moors, just off the A31, close to Ferndown and Bournemouth.

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